Emcee Elroy

Welcome to the official* website of Emcee Elroy, your new favorite party DJ!

*not that there are likely unofficial Emcee Elroy pages… but just in case.


I’m here to offer my Party DJ services for all your celebratory needs.

Hire me for: Parties, Events, Weddings (man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, other), House Parties, probably not Funerals …but maybe, Mitzvahs, Brises, First Dates, Quinceañeras, & more!

Genres I play a lot: pop, alternative, indie, hip-hop, electronic, Milli Vanilli

Genres I don’t play very often: doom metal, baroque, industrial, calypso, country that isn’t hilarious, elevator music.

Check out “Emcee Elroy’s Dance Jam of the Week” on Spotify to see what I’m listening to now!

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